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About Runecast Analyzer

General information is displayed, such as current version and contact information. If troubleshooting of Runecast Analyzer is required, you can download a support bundle which contains configuration settings and logs of Runecast Analyzer, upload it using Runecast portal and send the support request to e-mail

Optionally, you can help improve Runecast Analyzer by sending limited anonymous Usage Data. The telemetry data contains the following information:

  • Version of Runecast Analyzer
  • Number of Systems (NOT their IP or name)
  • Issues discovered and their severity (NOT the objects affected)
  • % of best practice adoption and security compliance (NOT the objects affected)
  • Preferences in settings like activation of Security Profiles, Automatic Scheduler and the total number of CPUs (NOT the objects affected)
  • User actions like display dashboard, display settings, add System, remove System and start the analysis (NOT the objects affected)
  • Hardware details like manufacturer, description, disks, bios/firmware/driver versions (NOT their IP or hostname)
  • Browser used and version