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Agentless analysis

Runecast supports agentless vulnerability scanning. It provides multiple benefits to make it preferable way in many scenarios:

  1. Simplified Deployment: Agentless scanning eliminates the need to deploy and manage software agents across multiple devices and systems. This simplifies the scanning process and reduces the administrative overhead associated with agent installation, updates, and maintenance.
  2. Improved Scalability: With agentless scanning, organizations can easily scale their scanning efforts without worrying about agent deployment limitations. It allows scanning of a large number of devices and systems simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive coverage and faster assessment of vulnerabilities across the network.
  3. Reduced Performance Impact: Installing software agents on target devices can sometimes impact their performance and consume system resources. Agentless scanning avoids this issue by leveraging existing network protocols and connections, minimizing any potential impact on the target systems and devices.


Agentless scanning on AWS is supported in the Runecast SaaS deployment model. It relies on proper configuration which can be easily performed by following the AWS connection dialog to set it up.