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Runecast SaaS

The Runecast SaaS deployment model provides a scalable solution that works out of the box. The whole deployment and needed infrastructure is provisioned by the Runecast team, ensuring optimal performance. This allows system administrators to focus on strategic initiatives that drive business growth rather than spending time on routine operational tasks. With cost efficiency, fast scalability, enhanced accessibility, and continuous updates, deploying a SaaS version empowers organizations to embrace a lightweight, flexible, and innovative solution.

Runecast SaaS is deployed as a service hosted on Amazon AWS-based Kubernetes cluster with High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) features enabled. The use of AWS platform allows agentless analysis of your environments. API support allows integration with existing monitoring solutions.

To request Runecast SaaS, log in to your account on the Runecast Portal and click the Try Runecast SaaS button at the top of the page.

For support queries, e-mail and upload a support bundle by navigating to Menu > Support and Help in the top right corner of the web interface.